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Your frequently asked questions

Where is your operational headquarters?

In Grandate (6 km from Como) S.S. dei Giovi, 59. We are right in front of the IPER. You can park your car in the parking lot in front of McDonald’s. The entrance is in the gray building.

What do you offer that is different from other agencies?

We have built a great experience that is hard to find in other agencies: over 25 years in business have made us strong and the challenges continue to excite us today more than ever. We define approaches, develop ideas, implement solutions, meet needs, and provide satisfaction.

What is your target audience?

Our core business is strongly focused on companies, but we offer our creativity also to consumer projects without neglecting a clear strategic vision.

What are your business hours?

Monday to Friday
9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
Call us +39 031 935999

What's your typical client?

From the individual professional to the multinational company, in every field of business; every project from the smallest to the largest is approached with the same care and attention because we believe in it and we put our signature on it.

Why are you called Red Apple?

Red represents us: it is passionate, brave and contemporary. In 2000, we adopted a red apple as a symbol of original sin, everyone remembered us for this image, so we decided to call ourselves Red Apple.

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    S.S. dei Giovi,59


    22070 Grandate (CO)




    Fax +39 031.3520160


    Tel. +39 031.935999

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